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20 November 2014

Parshat Toldot - 5775

28 Marcheshvan 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Toldot – Behavior and Character Traits – Rabbi Meir Kahane

The lads grew up and Esau became one who knows hunting, a man of the field; but Jacob was a wholesome man, abiding in tents. Isaac loved Esau for game was in his mouth; but Rebecca loved Jacob. (Gen. 25:27-28)

G-d chose Abraham because of his behavior and his merits; He rejected his son Ishmael and chose Isaac, too, because of his merits; again, He rejected Esau and chose Jacob due to his behavior. So after three successive generations of tzaddikim, all the subsequent offspring of the Patriarchs could be considered spiritually fit. G-d could forge them all into a chosen, treasured, and exalted nation, who would be His emissary to the human race and a light unto all the nations, to teach them the correct ways which they should follow. This process of choice and rejection is realized to a good degree by the intervention of the Matriarchs, Sarah and Rebecca, who interpreted the behavior of Ishmael and Esau more correctly than Abraham and Isaac. The mother instinctively recognizes the son because she raises him, she educates him, the child is in her trust, and when it comes to the child, the mother is the expert. And therefore, when talking about Rebecca, the Torah emphasizes that she was the mother of Jacob and Esau – that she understood both of them thoroughly. The holy language of the Torah expands the concept expressed by the word "em" (“mother”) to the extent that the word "emunah" (“faith”) comes from the root "em". For who is more faithful and loyal to a child, who is more willing to sacrifice their very life for the child’s sake, than a mother? And this is an additional reason that Rebecca is referred to there by the term “mother”: she faithfully clung to the truth, understood that Jacob had to be the spiritual heir – and for this, she was willing even to go against Isaac, to the extent of deceiving him, and telling her son Jacob, “Let your curse be upon me, my son.” (Genesis 27:13).

G-d chose Abraham because of his behavior and his merits: It says [regarding Abraham] (Gen. 18:19), “I have given him special attention that he might command his children and his household after him, and they will keep the ways of the L-rd, doing charity and justice.” Thus G-d commanded Abraham to perform acts of charity and kindness, as well as to further justice by causing G-d's role to be acknowledged. By doing what G-d had commanded, Abraham's kindness and mercy became rooted in him. These traits passed on to Isaac and then to Jacob and his seed. R. Natan bar Abba said in the name of Rav:The wealthy of Babylonia go to hell. When Shabtai bar Marinos came to Babylonia, he sought work, but they would not provide it nor would they feed him. He said, “These [wealthy Babylonians] are of the mixed multitude, for it says, 'G-d will make you merciful and have mercy on you' (Deut. 13:18). When anyone acts mercifully, we know he is of Abraham's seed; if he acts unmercifully, we know that he is not.” (Betza 32b) Kindness, like all traits found in the Torah, is nothing but a Divine attribute we were commanded to emulate and accept upon ourselves with the goal of being G-d-like. Thus we learn (Shabbat 133b): “This is my G-d and I will glorify Him” (Ex. 15:2)... Abba Shaul said, “To 'glorify' Him means making ourselves similar to Him. Just as He is kind and merciful, so must we be kind and merciful.” There is a double message here. Not only must we be kind and merciful, but we must “make ourselves similar to G-d,” i.e., we must be kind and merciful the way G-d explains these terms rather than the way we perceive them.

The real meaning of kindness and truth is that these principles are only part, albeit an exceedingly marked and conspicuous part, of the Torah's main purpose and goal – self-abnegation and suppression of our evil impulse and arrogance. All the mitzvot were given for this purpose, but kindness and mercy are the most direct path to this goal. By contrast, the Jews who distort the Torah are so influenced by the alien [Western] culture that they turn kindness and mercy into goals in and of themselves. By such means they elevate them above all the mitzvot, necessarily diminishing the value of all other mitzvot. They also push the concepts of kindness and mercy to foolish and dangerous extremes, while they themselves include wicked enemies of the Jewish People.

The Torah's goal is to create a person who diminishes himself, who bridles his arrogance, breaking down and negating his ego, who suppresses his evil impulse and liberates himself from covetousness and haughtiness, which are the root of evil and impurity. The most direct, clear and immediate way to achieve this is by loving one's fellow man and by being kind to him. Such acts express the Torah's essence, breaking down one's ego. Hillel therefore called this “the whole Torah”, since indeed breaking down the ego is G-d's whole aim, and this is expressed in the clearest, most acute fashion by loving one's fellow man. “All the rest”, however, the other mitzvot, are the commentary on this. That is they show us how to suppress our evil impulse.

Whoever behaves ethically and with love, agreeing with these attributes [only] because they are esthetic and pleasant, will never reach the true goal of breaking down his ego. Yet by fulfilling all the mitzvot, even those lacking any rationale, and all the more so those difficult mitzvot that contradict, so to speak, love and morality, one makes clear that loving one's fellow man is not a goal in and of itself, but a large part of man's true goal – breaking down his ego and accepting G-d's yoke. Similarly, whoever understands the true role of kindness and mercy in the Torah framework, will also understand their limitations, and where it is forbidden to show kindness and be mercifulKindness and mercy – in the right time and place – is the obligation of every Jew. It is a means of suppressing one's passions and becoming less selfish, thereby exalting oneself almost to the level of the ministering angels, and perhaps higher. Hence, from the general theme of kindness and mercy emerge countless mitzvot and ideas which have always guided the Jew in his daily life.

It is clear that a prerequisite for acquiring any good trait is destroying its opposite. First, one must “turn away from evil” (Ps. 34:15) – and only then - “do good” (Ibid.) Thus, to become loving, we must cease to be hateful. To learn respect, we must cease to scorn our fellow man. I must warn once again that all the principles I quote from the Torah and our sages are rulings that have come down as precise law, and they apply only in the time and place that our holy Torah says they apply. Hence, whoever sets out to eradicate hatred should have in mind only that hatred which opposes our Torah, false hatred, defined by our sages as sinat chinam, “groundless hatred”. Nothing originating from G-d can be “groundless”. If there is no Divine reason for hatred, it is absolutely forbidden and despised by G-d. Yet when G-d commands us to hate the evildoer, that is “truthful hatred”, a sacred duty from which no one is exempt.

The same applies as far as love. There is not, never was, and never will be a Torah concept of “groundless love”. G-d does not concede regarding hatred of those who hate Him and or the evildoers who destroy what is sacred to the Jewish People. I shall never tire of bringing our sages' words (Bava Kamma 50a), “Whoever says G-d indulgently forgoes sin, shall forgo his life” (“because he is teaching his fellow man to sin” - Rashi). Love and hate, like all Divine traits, came into the world with well-defined parameters, virtually possessing a set of laws of their own. Whoever preaches that hatred is never valid, or presents a false picture of love, shall have to account for it in the future.

All the same, where indeed inappropriate, hating one's fellow Jew is a heinous sin. Our sages said (Arachin 16b): “Do not hate your brother in your heart” (Lev. 19:17): I might think [it would suffice] not to hit him, slap him or curse him. It therefore says, “in your heart.” The verse refers even to hatred in one's heart. It is forbidden to hate a Jew even in one's heart. Rather, one must make known one's objections and rebuke him.
[Source: Compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from "The Jewish Idea" and "Peirush haMaccabee (Shemot)" of Rav Meir Kahane, HY"D]

R' Mizrachi on the Har Nof Massacre

27 Marcheshvan 5775


27 Marcheshvan 5775

Finally, a few voices of sanity...

Karlin-Stolin Rebbe Says Throw the Arabs Out of the Mosdos!

FLASHBACK: Hagon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Calls On Yeshivos To Fire Arabs 

Shoppers leave their groceries rather than buy where Arabs are employed

Ashkelon mayor: No Arab construction workers in kindergartens

...but they stand to be drowned out by the hypocritical destroyers of Israel.

Arab workers' firing draws wall-to-wall condemnation from Israeli politicians

Despite the fact that the mayor of Ashkelon is only talking about temporarily removing Arab workers using hoes and shovels around kindergarten children, Economy Mnister Naftali Bennet has the nerve to say that "Israel must have zero tolerance for racism in the workforce...."  He says further that “...99.9% of Israeli Arabs are loyal and want to integrate. There is a tiny minority that uses violence and causes terrorism and we must crack down on that but also integrate and bring closer the vast majority of Israeli Arabs. This is a key to our future here."

"...Finance Minister Yair Lapid said calls not to employ Arabs are racist, unacceptable and intolerable."

"Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) said the Ashkelon mayor's decision was immoral."

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said that to prevent Israeli Arabs from making a living just because they are Arabs is against "our fundamental values." 

Netanyahu on discrimination of Israeli-Arabs: An entire community should not be stigmatized

These people wouldn't recognize a "Jewish value" if it snuck up and bit them. Losers - one and all!

It is certainly no coincidence that as Kislev and Hanukah approach, we are going to hear more and more how "Jewish values" = "Western democratic values."

This is just another chapter in the war between Jews of faith and the Hellenists among us.

UPDATE on the so-called "Jewish State Bill"...

Netanyahu announces support for 'Jewish state bill'

..."The judiciary, which recognizes Israel's democratic side, will also have to recognize that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish People," Netanyahu said at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting.

The prime minister vowed to push the bill forward, but said it must undergo many changes.

"In the end, we will make it clear that Israel is the Jewish nation-state, while promising equal rights to all its citizens," he added.

Nix 'Jewish State' bill in favor of a 'declarative vision,' Livni report says

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni on Wednesday announced that a report she commissioned on Israel as a Jewish and democratic state had recommended against passing a law to that effect and in favor of a vaguer declarative vision.

The 20-page report, authored by renowned constitutional law Professor Ruth Gavison, explained that a new law would only inflame controversy among diverse sectors in the country and Jews in the Diaspora.

In contrast, she said a new non-binding vision or re-affirming the vision of Israel’s Declaration of Independence could focus on aspects of being Israeli which unify the diverse Jewish and non-Jewish sectors.

...Gavison’s vision leaned more toward the democratic side, as she divided the core, undisputed, guiding principles as “Judaism, democracy, and human rights.”

As Binyamin pointed out in his recent message, we're already under gentile rule. 

Buffalo Buried!

27 Marcheshvan 5775

18 November 2014

"Under the Nations' Rule"

26 Marcheshvan 5775


Communication with Binyamin
 in Jerusalem,  16 Cheshvan 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

"Under the Nations' Rule"

I feel that the government is already not a Jewish government.
I feel that we are already in the rule of the nations.
I feel that we the Jews - are a minority here in the land, even though there are, so to speak, something like six million Jews here, but I feel that we, the real-Jews, are few.
I feel black spiritual clouds over Eretz Yisrael .
I feel that the Third World War is already here, and I feel that until Pesach, our world will be another world entirely.

Am Yisrael! 

Look around at what they are calling 'Medinat Yisrael'...
Look upon the places of the tzadikim, the holy-places, where all our tzadikim are buried...
Look upon our leaders...
Observe well our rabbis, from all the various types...
Look well, observe thoroughly, look around at our society, hear all the slogans of the Knesset members, the secular as well as the religious, and also the so-called 'chareidim', and see what a problem, what a difficult problem, that we have.

And those who don't want to see, want to continue the big party, the rampage with materialism - they'll never see the truth. They will want to continue it, to continue the nonsense. But, the few who are real-Jews, in a little bit, will suddenly be able to see the truth, really. 

Am Yisrael, no matter how much I try to explain it to you - you don't want to hear.

Let's go over a bit what's happening here.

The Arabs are very angry. And the Jews, the Prime Minister and his friends from all sides, from all directions - are playing a game with us, a "game of chase", whoever catches can understand. But, no one knows how to catch what's really going on.

They're taking groups of people and worrying that one will start with the other, that there will be unrest between Jews and gentiles and between Jews and Jews.

They're going from country to country and they're doing it in every place, meanwhile mainly in Arab countries, one Arab against another. And a serious part of the Arabs who are attacking - they belong to the heads of these groups, they belong to the "New World Order" that wants to rule over everyone.

And these, the great evildoers - they are Edom, like we spoke about not just once. And the Arabs, they are simply 'pere adam', it's possible to easily inflame them against the Jews and against the Edomim. Against the Jews - they've always had anger, since Yishmael and Yitzchak, but the hatred between the Edomim and the Arabs, it's not as much time, it's since the birth of Islam.  Because, before that the Christians ruled, and suddenly came Islam and conquered an enormous part of the world, so there is very, very deep hatred between them. They even hate them more than the Jews. But, they both want to get rid of the Jews, and we're 'under supervision', but first of all they will make war between themselves.

I'm not saying that Jews won't die until then from these wars, G-d protect us, but at the end of it we, the real-Jews, will arrive to the complete redemption. But, look around, what murder, what hatred. It's true, it's true that the Arabs are really not ok, but also the 'supposedly-Jews' are not ok. There are police here, and part of the police are really no better than all the police all over the world, no nicer nor better. Once, at the establishment of the state - no one was afraid of the police. But, now, fear of the police also exists among the Jews, even though supposedly the police are 'Jews', but it's something else.

And the government from one side says that they need to make a law that officially it's to be called a "Jewish State" and those on the other side are trying to destroy Judaism with laws like the conversion law, that every 'so-called rabbi' can gather a few Jews to a beit din and accept every gentile like a Jew, to turn him in one second into a Jew.

And then they want to dilute the Jews. And it could be the Land of Israel full of gentiles, but in their identity card it's written "Jews"! Thus it will be a place "Jewish-but-gentile." And this is the goal. And whoever opposes so, they will either remove him from life in general, they will erase him, G-d forbid, like they did in many places, or he will agree to surrender and to be what they want. Thus is our situation. That's the situation.

And this government - it's not a Jewish government. It could be that a majority of the people in the Knesset are with a circumcision, but that's not to say they are Jews! They're Erev Rav. Simply Erev Rav. Erev Rav - and nothing more. It could be  that perhaps among them there is another Jew that can do teshuvah, but I really don't understand why the chareidim are still sitting in the 'Knesset'. What more is there to do?... To win what!?... Do you not see that everything is gentile, everything gentiles!?...

On the other hand, I'm glad it appears so, because it says that in a little bit Mashiach will be revealed. Because we need to be underneath the rule of the nations nine months. And I hope that much of these nine months have already passed. But, what is clear: - They're not Jews. They're playing a game. They don't speak about HKB"H. I don't believe they know what it is - HKB"H, with their button-kippah on the head. I don't believe that Lapid knows what it is to be a Jew, even though he says that he wants his daughter to marry only a Jew, maybe it was his son, I don't recall. So, what [does he mean by] a 'Jew'?... For sure it's a Jew who receives some kind of 'conversion' by some movie producer, who knows?

I only know that it's time for the real-Jews, those who strongly feel HKB"H, who are holding fast to the spiritual rope that connects us to HKB"H, that we will begin to organize ourselves and strengthen ourselves more and more, to be close to one another, and organize a few groups, a few places, that we will know that these are our places, and we will be shut inside.

And we will pray strongly to Hashem to rescue the true Am Yisrael and to rescue the real-Jews all over the world and that all of us will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach. And that's what we need to do. That's all that we need to do.

The time that remains to us until the big explosion - it's little, so I request from every Jew that they will make efforts to come close to HKB"H, no matter what happens, and will make efforts to help others, the real-Jews, to return to HKB"H. In a little bit you will see more clearly who is and who is not. Meantime, make efforts with every Jew who says he is a Jew as there is an assumption that he really is a Jew - make efforts to help him to return. That's what there is for us to do now. And "kedoshim tihiyu" [be holy], don't forget. That's the basis for everything. Kedoshim tihiyu! Kedoshim tihiyu! Kedoshim tihiyu!

[Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H]

The Terror Pyramid

25 Marcheshvan 5775

This is my view of the global terror network and how and why it functions. Each level has its own agenda. Ultimately, "terror" serves the interests of the "Elite."

"TPTB" is The Powers That Be - Creators of the "NWO"

17 November 2014

"The Noose Is Getting Tighter"

25 Marcheshvan 5775


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
3 Cheshvan 5775 (Oct 26, '14)

[Like all of the Moishela messages, this one was received in English by email.]

The Noose Is Getting Tighter

The world has absolutely gone mad, absolutely mad. Murder, accidents, weather related deaths, riots, plagues, Mamash a very scary world. Every day something new. Every day something more bloody. Every day more and more deaths. Every day we become more and more frightened.

The noose is getting tighter and tighter around us, and the worst part about it is that no one seems to feel it except a very few. Very few people feel it at all. Either they don’t want to feel it so they ignore it, or they are really in some very strong daze or under some kind of drug that keeps them from seeing what is happening. It doesn’t even have to be medication, although I would imagine that in the western world at least 50% of the people are on some kind of psychiatric medication. They drug themselves on Gashmius on materialism so they won’t know, so they won’t feel, so they won’t be afraid. What is happening is frightening because the world is beginning to feel the effects of being ruled by a group of absolute maniacs, of people that are evil to their bone. They are planning crazy things and thinking they can get away with it, thinking that they can turn the world into their private domain, that they can take the Jewish people and turn them into Goyim. Their greatest goal that they want to achieve is they want to destroy, to kill nine-tenths of the world population. What can I tell you? We Yidden are being targeted. Our faith is being targeted, and we must, must come back to Hashem in order to stop it.

I have dreams, I have such frightening dreams every night. I see cities being blown up. I see all kinds of terrible things happening. I see wild men killing and plundering. I see planes shooting and bombing. I see people dying of thirst and hunger, and I cry and I cry. I am so nervous and so afraid, not for myself - for my family and for Am Yisroel, how terrible, how terrible. I’m not even giving you the details of what I see but it’s very very frightening! I don’t know how to pass on to my fellow Jews through what I am writing, the difficult things we still have to face.

How can I beg? How can I plead with Am Yisroel to open their eyes, to get rid of the Gashmius, to stop looking like street people, to start looking again like Jews, to start acting again like Jews? I’m talking to the Frum. What else can I say to you? What else can I do? If you read over everything I’ve said to this point, you should already be doing Teshuva in the strongest way, but I see in the streets that people are buying and buying things that are not necessary. I see that they are making fancy parties and fancy Chasunas and things that are not necessary. I see and I feel that children are growing up to love, to lust after Gashmius. I see how we are eating like gluttons, but have become very very weak in our Mitzvos and it makes me cry. Now we are facing the most horribly difficult time in history and we’re messing around with nonsense.

What can I say? What can I do? I’m only a young person with an old head and an old heart, but I can tell you this: you better straighten up fast. You better get your act together because the suffering is going to be unbelievable if not, and if you take yourself in hand then you can save yourself so much suffering, so much misery. Do you understand? People, do you understand? You can save yourselves so much suffering, but if not it will be unimaginable suffering. I’m begging you. I’m begging you. Put your trust in Hashem not in people, not in science, not in chief rabbis, or in heads of state. Put your trust only in Hashem, only in Hashem, only in Hashem. We have to be like the Yidden that left Mitzrayim and spent forty years in the desert. We have to be like that. We have to have that kind of trust of Hashem without question, no matter what happens, no questions asked. We must know in our hearts and our souls that it’s all for our good, it’s to help us go higher, to help us reach the next stage of Creation which is Olam Habah of Moshiach Tzidkainu, and our journey upwards, to total salvation, to completely become one with Hashem. That’s what I have to say.

I’m afraid that my words have become useless because people have become used to listening to them, even though they are harsh and they are strong and people see around them terrible things happening, but they are getting used to it. They want their Gashmius more than they want to listen. So I will say a few more sentences to make sure you understand. Please, please do Teshuva. Change your way of life. Become Tzniusdik, the men and the women. Trust Hashem in everything. Don’t go looking outside of your Daled Amos for the Yeshua. The Yeshua is only with Hashem, only with Hashem. In the near future we are going to witness very bloody happenings, very frightening and very bloody. Here in Eretz Yisroel there will be more riots and more trouble, but in Chutz La’aretz it will be really bad, really bad.

Between now and Chanukah we are going to have a rush of incidents all over the world, that will put great fear into most of the population of the world. You won’t know where to look first, up, down, left, right. Everywhere there will be trouble big big trouble. Hashem is trying to show us that the inevitable must be and that means that we are coming very close to the Geula Sheleima, and the hardest part of this birth is now and therefore you can either have an easy birth or a very difficult one. It’s your choice.

I told you I’m finished for now.